National Field Coordinator, Dili
National Field Coordinator, Dili

Job description

Organization:UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
Category:Field Mission/Work
Deadline: 25 November 2016


Climate change is causing Timor-Leste to become hotter and drier, with increasingly variable rainfall – water, soils, and coastal areas are all sensitive to these changes. Riverine and catchment runoff from the country's mostly steep terrain, with increasing deforestation and poor agricultural and catchment practices, causes significant soil erosion, increased incidence of landslides and flash flooding. This results in sedimentation of rivers and streams, and major impacts on riverine and coastal water quality, as well as the compromised health of coastal ecosystems (such as mangroves, coral reefs and seagrasses).

These pressures from upland areas, coupled with the rapidly rising sea level, are putting coastal communities (and the ecosystems and resources upon which they depend), particularly at risk. Over the past 2 decades, mangroves, which serve as a natural defense to the sea, have been severely degraded – leaving the country's shoreline and coastal communities vulnerable to coastal inundation, erosion, salt water intrusion, and impacts of sea-borne natural hazards (e.g. waves, storm surges, and in extreme cases, small scale tsunamis).

In this regard, the Timor-Leste Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2011-2030 clearly articulates the long-term preferred situation of preserving an ecological balance to safeguard the sustainable development of the economy. The SDP stresses, in particular, the challenges of increased risk of flooding to low-lying coastal villages, as well as food shortages in the country in general, which climate change presents. The Timor-Leste National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) further emphasizes the need to specifically tailor adaptation support to those most vulnerable, particularly children and youth, and stresses the importance of reflecting those needs in the development goals and aspirations of the country.
In line with this national development goals; the objective of this project is to strengthen resilience of coastal communities by the introduction of nature-based approaches to coastal protection. The project employs an integrated approach, while tailoring activities to address the specific needs, challenges and priorities of the GoTL.

Accordingly, the Field Coordinator(s) for the targeted six districts will directly report to the Chief Technical Advisor; and closely work with national Project Coordinator other project staff, UNDP CO team and relevant government sector offices.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions:

Project Management;

Project Coordination and Partnership Building;

Operations and Finance Management;

Capacity Building and knowledge Management.

Key Functions:

Project Management;

Coordinate for the attainment of project outputs by assuming overall responsibility for the management and coordination of project activities ant
the target municipality;

Support the quality and timely preparation of the project work plan and financial reports as required;

Participate in preparation of progressive reports as required by major stakeholders and the country office on a regular and demand driven base;

Ensure that the implementation of the project activities are carried out in the most effective and expeditious manner;

Carry out regular monitoring to ensure measurement of project achievement;

Evaluate completed project activities with the special emphasis on the result of UNDP's contributions in order to assess the effectiveness and impact of UNDP assistance;

Project Coordination and Partnership Building;

Identify key partners at the target municipality for achieving the objectives of the project;

Undertake wide consultations with local communities, local authorities, local experts, and other stakeholders to facilitate consensus building, conflict resolution and cooperation and synergy;

Coordinate the preparation, revision and update of a baseline assessment (BA), conceptual model and indicators for monitoring project progress and evaluating its impact, including the collection of information;

Convene periodic meetings of a Local Consultative Body (LCB) in support of the target mangrove rehabilitation and livelihoods enhancement activites;

Coordinate project activities implementation at the target district level;

Maintain strong working partnerships with relevant local authorities and the UNDP Country Office (UNDP CO) and ensure they are kept well informed of all relevant project activities;

Foster linkages, cooperation and synergy with large or medium-sized GEF projects planned or underway, and also with the projects and programmes of the government agencies, other donors and NGOs;

Ensure interface with UNDP office and major project stakeholders;

Foster, establish and maintain links with other related projects and collaborative actors in municipality;

Liaise and coordinate with UN agencies NGOs and other agencies involved in support of the local community;

Operations and Financial Management;

Prepare action plans, analyze strategic and efficient utilization of resources/budget, as well as work plans in consultation with the appropriate
local stakeholders;

Ensure that UNDP rules and procedures are dully applied in all areas of project interventions;

Maintain the financial integrity of the project and reporting on all financial issues to the CTA, UNDP CO at agreed upon times;

Provide relevant logistical and information support for UNDP team and consultants in relation to their field work, monitoring and evaluation;

Capacity Building and knowledge Management;

Identify capacity building and training needs of communities and identifying the human and institutional resources to meet those needs;

Provide technical assistance and support to the community, CBOs and NGOs for project development, including design and application of
indicators and grants monitoring activities;

Locate technical and other assistance from local and national NGOs, and agencies that can be channeled to project proponents for project
preparation and/or implementation;

Assist in the organization of training for local experts and community as required;

Synthesis lessons learnt and best practices in project;

Organize experience exchange workshops with stakeholders as well as field visits to facilitate lesson learning and enhance communication
among different community;

Prepare reports and lessons learnt and send to the National Coordinator and CTA for further compilation and dissemination;

Participate in the preparation of analytical case studies on project activities and issues, and disseminate knowledge products and
communication materials;

Provide continuous information updates for the country office database, as well periodic progress reports;

Disseminate guidelines and information material to CBOs and NGOs seeking financial and technical support under the project;

Assume any other function as requested by the Chief Technical Advisor/ Project Manager.


B.A, Degree 4 years and MSc 2 years in Rural Development, Forestry or Natural Resources or in any disciplines relevant to coastal adaptation, shoreline management.

Work Experiance

At least 4 years' experience in coordination and project/programme management in food security, community mobilization, forestry or natural resources management preferably within the UN or international Organization;

Experience in the use of computers and office software packages (MS word, Excel, etc.) and knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages, experience in handing of web based management system.


Corporate Competencies:

Demonstrates commitment to UNDP's mission, vision and values;

Displays cultural, gender, region, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

Functional competencies:

Knowledge management and learning;

Shares knowledge and experience;

Actively works towards continuing personal learning, acts on learning plan and applies newly acquired skills;

Development and operational effectiveness;

Ability to perform a variety of standard tasks related to Results Management, including screening and collecting of

programme/programmes documentation, program data entering, preparation of revisions, filing, provision of information;

Ability to provide input to business processes re-engineering, implementation of new system including new IT based system;

Good knowledge of Result Management Guide and Toolkits.

Leadership and self-management:

Focused on result of the client and responds positively to feedback;

Consistently approaches work with energy and positive, constructive attitude.


Fluency in English and national language (Tetun).

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