Advisor, Partnerships
Advisor, Partnerships

Job description

Organization:WHO - World Health Organization
Category:Program Management
Grade: P4
Duration: Two years, first year probationary period.
Deadline: 5 February 2017


The mission of the External Relations and Resource Mobilization (ERP) Department is to mobilize political support, financial resources, and strategic alliances to support the hemispheric health strategies and goals of PAHO towards improvement in the lives of the people in the Americas. ERP manages the PAHO Secretariat’s diplomatic functions and supports Member States and the PAHO Director in the fulfillment of their mandates.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the general supervision of the Deputy Director (DD), and the direct supervision of the Director, External Relations, Partnerships & Resource Mobilization (ERP), the incumbent is responsible for, but not necessarily limited to, the following assigned duties:

a) Lead the development of PAHO's partnership policies and strategies with the International Financial Institutions (IFIs), Non-State Actors (NSAs), and other development partners; formulate specific recommendations and action plans for accelerating partnership development with the objective of strengthening the resource mobilization process for key health priorities;

b) Conduct strategic analysis and identify potential areas for alliances and partnerships development at the country, sub regional, regional, and international levels;

c) Ensure the promotion of cooperation and the development of strategic partnerships between PAHO and IFIs in collaboration with Country Offices and technical departments;

d) Establish close functional relationships with IFIs and NSAs to ensure that PAHO is effectively positioned to partner on policy and other programmatic initiatives;

e) Support the positioning of the Organization as a partner of choice for the IFIs, NSAs and national institutions in the design and monitoring of health sector interventions;

f) Provide PAHO's senior management with the necessary briefing and information for senior-level engagement with IFI and NSA counterparts and advise and support effective internal and external communication;

g) Identify, promote and foster strategic partnerships with academic institutions, think tanks, non-governmental organizations and research institutions within the region;

h) Foster the involvement of non-traditional partners in project funding and implementation, such as NGOs, foundations and private sector institutions;

i) Contribute to exploring new innovative initiatives for partnerships such as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and other multi-stakeholder mechanisms;

j) Build and facilitate external collaboration according to the priorities set forth in the Organization's Strategic Plan and Biennial Work Plan;

k) Collaborate with PBU, CSC, LEG and other technical units to ensure that all the necessary technical, financial, legal, economic and managerial aspects of a new partnership are carefully considered and taken into account;

l) Advise and provide training to PAHO staff members in the skills needed for international negotiation, , establishment of alliances and partnerships, as well as preparation of sound project monitoring, and fundraising; contribute to the development and institutionalization of Health Diplomacy as a competency of PAHO staff;

m) Identify opportunities to advance health priorities in global and hemispheric efforts, including important political agendas, and fora;

n) Collaborate and support the ERP efforts for the development of relations with funders; enhance positive relations with donor groups through timely and accurate reporting and monitoring of donor interests and information needs;

o) Participate in the process of identification of potential areas for project development at the country, subregional and regional levels, and in bringing these to the attention of the proper authorities within funding agencies and the Organization;

p) Participate in the orientation or other preparatory missions of partner organizations;

q) Advise governments, the Organization in formulating health projects; ensuring that their design is sound from the technical, managerial, economic and administrative point of view, and that they conform to the policies and priorities of the countries, PAHO, and the funding agency; participate in interprogrammatic activities related to preparatory measures for such projects in PAHO; develop strategies to select and approach donors; participate in negotiations and consultations with funding agencies and, when necessary, at the country level in preparatory activities leading to such requests;

r) Collaborate in the Project Review Process to ensure that all the necessary technical, financial, economic and managerial aspects of a proposed project are carefully considered and taken into account;

s) When called upon to directly supervise staff, establish clear work objectives, conduct timely and effective performance appraisals, provide coaching and feedback, and support staff development opportunities;

t) Perform other related duties, as assigned.


Essential: A bachelor and a master's degree in economics, law, public policy, business administration, international relations, political sciences, public health, or a related field from a recognized university.

In the event that your candidature is retained for an interview, you will be required to provide, in advance, a scanned copy of the degree(s)/diploma(s)/certificate(s) required for this position. WHO only considers higher educational qualifications obtained from an institution accredited/recognized in the World Higher Education Database (WHED), a list updated by the International Association of Universities (IAU) / United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The list can be accessed through the link: In addition, PAHO will also use the databases of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and College Navigator, found on the website of the National Centre for Educational Statistics, to support the validation process

Work Experiance

Essential: Nine years of combined national and international experience working in key areas of multilateral organizations, including responsibilities for negotiating, planning, establishing and strengthening relations with Non-State Actors and other international and national authorities.

Desirable: Experience working with Foundations, Philanthropic institutions, NGO's, the private sector and experience working in International Financial Institutions, private-public partnerships (PPP), global NGOs, and international organizations would be an asset.

Technical Expertise

- Theoretical and practical knowledge of partnership development strategies, policy analysis and relationship development involving external partners.

- Theoretical and practical expertise and ability to analyze political and institutional issues and challenges in health and development, at national, regional, and global level and provide actionable recommendations with the capacity to implement.

- Strong interpersonal skills; diplomacy, tact and ability to effectively communicate with senior level officials, multiple stakeholders and professionals from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds; ability to develop and coordinate networks with relevant players in the international health field.

- Excellent analytical skills in performing complex analyses on a wide range of factors, requirements, priorities for the assessment and implementation of activities in multi sectoral and multi cultural environments.

- Knowledge of policies and programs involved in international cooperation in health and the role and policies of key governmental and non-governmental institutions.

- Ability to foster multi-disciplinary teams and deal with clients on difficult and sensitive areas; ability to present recommendations on health and development topics, and on partnering for common goals.

- Mature judgment, strong technical, analytical, and interpersonal communications skills; demonstrated ability to identify key issues.

- Strong professional oral and writing skills including the development of reports, oral
presentations, and technical/persuasive documents for consideration at the highest levels of the Organization.

IT Skills

Demonstrated ability to effectively use a computer and utilize software programs such as Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Other IT skills and knowledge of other software programs such as Microsoft SharePoint and Project will be an asset.


-- Intrainstitutional Action: Leads team efforts toward full understanding of the policies the organization must operate within as well as the Standard of Conduct for the International Civil Service. Leads employees and co-workers toward operating in a fair, consistent and equitable manner, and displays such behavior by example. Behaves consistently in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Organization.
-- Analysis, Synthesis, and Forecasting: After analyzing situations on the basis of the available evidence and knowledge, leads one's area of responsibility toward individual and collective actions. Encourages the importance of continual analysis. Verifies and promotes that action is taken in situations that will require future intervention, based on ongoing analysis. Leads others in decisions needed to implement required actions. Is capable of anticipating the implications of analyzed situations between one and two years ahead.
-- Leadership: Uses complex strategies to promote team morale and productivity. Obtains needed personnel, resources and information for the team. Makes sure the practical needs of the team are met
-- Communication: Actively engages in conversation with the key players in a multicultural environment both within and outside the organization. Develops a network of appropriate contacts inside and outside PAHO to gain information or to build an alliance. Takes into consideration the multicultural differences within the organization.
-- Interinstitutional and Intersectoral Action: Demonstrates, through measurable results, effective participation in decision-making spheres where policy priorities are set. Oversees activities/interventions designed to meet the needs of users and interinstitutional and intersectoral partners, while promoting the consolidation of productive partnerships in terms of the Organization's mission.
-- Accountability: Accepts responsibility for the results, for the work of subordinates, for the tasks delegated the deadlines, and any deviations from them. Requires and oversees the adherence according to the budget. Monitors the progress made upon reaching the objectives and deadlines. For any deviations on the work plan, looks for corrective actions.
-- Thinking, planning and the strategic management of technical cooperation interventions: Selects priority ideas for executing the interventions after anticipating their potential problems and solutions. Participates in the preparation of strategic plans, providing input about their impact, quality, critical points, and risks.
-- Resource Mobilization: Establishes partnerships and alliances with a variety of institutions and organizations as well as internal partnerships to obtain financial and non-financial resources. Is able to relate with all types of people and at all levels in order to obtain resources that are needed. Is able to present and disseminate information in a clear manner. Executes resources according to the agreements previously established with partnerships.


Very good knowledge of English or Spanish with a working knowledge of the other language. Knowledge of French and/or Portuguese would be an asset.

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