Human Resources Technician I
Human Resources Technician I

Job description

Organization:WHO - World Health Organization
Category:Human Resource Management
Grade: G6
Duration: Two years, first year probationary period.
Deadline: 27 January 2017


The Department of Human Resources Management (HRM) supports PAHO’s mission of working in and with countries towards the improvement of health and quality of life in the countries of the Americas through strategic, innovative and variable human resources practices, policies, programs and services to attract, engage and retain highly qualified, talented staff committed to excellence, mutual respect and trust.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the general supervision of the Human Resources Advisor (HRM/CE), and the direct supervision of the Human Resources Specialist (HRM/CE), the incumbent is responsible for, but not necessarily limited to, the following assigned duties:

a) Determine the applicability of staff rules, regulations and administrative manual procedures related to the entitlements of assigned professional, national officer, general services and short term staff members; initiate, approve as applicable, administer and implement actions on appointment, secondment, reassignment, promotion, extension, termination and other changes in status; analyze the staff member's personal status for the purpose of calculating benefits and entitlements using established software; research precedents, prepare background documentation and recommend solutions for cases involving discrepancies or deviations from normal procedures; serve as HRM Partner in the PASB Management Information System (PMIS);

b) Assist and guide staff members directly and continuously on all matters related to their entitlements and changes in status; provide clarification and monitor compliance with the rules and regulations; provide guidance and explanations on the application of related staff rules and regulations to counterparts in the field;

c) Analyze source documents related to complex cases, prepare synopses of key points as required, and recommend appropriate course of action to supervisors consistent with the benefits, entitlements and deductions that apply to a staff member under the Staff Rules and Regulations, PAHO/WHO Manual and established policies;

d) Maintain up to date the electronic record for each assigned staff member by including grade/step, dependent's allowance, hardship and mobility allowances, extensions, terminations, changes in dependents' status; maintain personnel files for assigned staff members and control confidential and work reference material; retire files of terminated staff;

e) Compose, draft and prepare in final form correspondence pertaining to assigned duties on own initiative or from verbal/written instructions; issue certificates of employment, verifications of employment and other attestations; review for accuracy, process and initiate appropriate correspondence or required action from information received through the monthly personnel reports relating to within-grade increases, changes in step or grade, mobility, hardship allowances, performance appraisal, retirement;

f) Brief new staff members and prospective retirees on their entitlements, benefits and conditions of service as applicable; provide guidance and counseling to staff upon arrival to, and departure from, the duty station;

g) Determine, monitor and certify eligibility for a broad variety of complex and interconnected benefits including:

i) Travel and luggage entitlements for all statutory travel (home leave, education grant, appointment, reassignment, termination, etc.) of staff members and their dependents; preparing appropriate spend authorization(s) and related documentation; arranging for tickets as required; analyzing pro formas and determining which company should ship the personal effects;

ii) Entitlements for Leave Without Pay (LWOP), study leave, Education Grant, Sick Leave Under Insurance Cover (SLIC);

h) Monitor the submission of appraisal reports, controlling compliance prior to confirmation of appointment and extension of contract;

i) Inform staff members and the Finance Department of possible UN Pension Fund validation and restoration options; respond to queries concerning Pension Fund entitlements and related matters; prepare and verify documentation for the UN Pension Fund related to appointments, changes in marital and dependency status, retirements, disability, death, survivors' benefits, etc.;

j) Determine eligibility and prepare documentation pertinent to Voluntary group life insurance plans of AETNA and WHO Group Life Insurance related to appointments, terminations and change in status;

k) Administer, review, process and monitor the annual verification of status of staff, and dependency status of children, spouses and secondary dependents, and appropriate correspondence and/or personnel action required due to the changes in the personal and financial situation of staff;

l) Initiate and monitor detailed procedures upon the death of a staff member and retirees, and process documentation related to survivors’ benefits;

m) Back-up the duties of other Human Resources Technicians in the Unit when required and as assigned;

n) Perform other related duties, as assigned.


Essential: High school diploma with formal training in the administrative or commercial field.

Desirable: Specialized training at the college, university or business school level with emphasis on administration or Human Resources.

In the event that your candidature is retained for an interview, you will be required to provide, in advance, a scanned copy of the degree(s)/diploma(s)/certificate(s) required for this position. WHO only considers higher educational qualifications obtained from an institution accredited/recognized in the World Higher Education Database (WHED), a list updated by the International Association of Universities (IAU) / United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The list can be accessed through the link: In addition, PAHO will also use the databases of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and College Navigator, found on the website of the National Centre for Educational Statistics, to support the validation process.

Work Experiance

Essential: Six years of general office or administrative work experience or four years of general office or administrative work experience, and one year of specialized training at the college, university or business school level with emphasis on administration or Human Resources or two years of general office or administrative work experience and two years of specialized training at the college, university or business school level with emphasis in administration or Human Resources.

Technical Expertise

– Ability to interpret human resources procedures, Staff Rules & Regulations, policies and guidelines, in order to independently perform duties and to provide information and explanations to staff.

– Ability to prepare analytical evaluations and recommendations concerning staff benefits, rules, established policies, etc.

– Ability to discern and escalate sensitive cases through the appropriate channels to ensure that all levels within HRM are properly informed when the need arises.

– Ability to manage/organize multiple tasks.

– Ability to write / originate correspondence in English and Spanish.

– Ability for planning, organizing, evaluating, problem-solving and decision-making in work-related issues.

– Ability to research, analyze and organize information in order to ensure accuracy of the data entered in the PMIS system.

– Ability to work harmoniously as a team in a multidisciplinary and international environment.

– The nature of the business in HR requires sensitivity, confidentiality and respect for all contacts and information processed.

IT Skills

Demonstrated ability to effectively use a computer and utilize software programs such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Outlook. Other IT skills and knowledge of other software programs such as Visio, and Project would be an asset.


-- Intrainstitutional Action: Displays, through behavior, understanding of PAHO's values and mission. Seeks information on and acts with understanding of the Organization's expectations while advancing further the understanding and application of its policies. Shows interest and concern for the activities related to his/her work in conjunction with the mission, values, vision and policies of the organization. Behaves consistently in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Organization.

-- Teamwork: Encourages team members, adds significant contribution when participating in internal and external work teams, and leads through personal example the virtues of team success--collaboration, trust, transparency and joint responsibilities. Builds and maintains mutually beneficial productive interpersonal relations based on trust, inside and outside the Organization. Keeps every team member informed as well as shares relevant and useful information.

-- Service Orientation: Follows through on the client inquiries, requests and complaints. Keeps client up-to-date about progress of projects. Monitors client satisfaction.

-- Information Management: Verifies that relevant information is obtained, processed, selected, and disseminated in area of work. Acquires the training to utilize technologies for processing information relative to the area of work in a logical and organized manner, which facilitates the dissemination of information, resulting in information that is consistent, valid and accurate. Keeps abreast of latest technologies for processing the information relevant to the area of work, and weighs its advantages/disadvantages.

-- Continuous Learning: Seeks knowledge and sources of learning with colleagues. Finds new sources of information in order to make a better contribution to the team. Keeps focused on the organizational policies, processes and practices already established.

-- Accountability: Accurately and objectively provides information, as required, on one’s activities. Prepares accurate and objective reports on one’s activities and partial/final results. Can account for each of the specific tasks of one’s work.

-- Analysis, synthesis and Forecasting: Objectively analyzes situations, and based on evidence and knowledge, suggests actions to improve implementation. Bases one’s actions on available information, applies knowledge acquired from experience. Prioritizes the information according to one’s needs or the Organization’s. Is capable of anticipating the implications of analyzed situations between one to six months ahead.


Very good knowledge of Spanish and English.

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