Assistant Country Director Operation, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Assistant Country Director Operation, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Job description

Organization:UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
Category:Operation management
Grade: NOC
Duration: 1 Year with possibility for extension
Deadline: 31 January 2017


Under the guidance of CD, the ACD (Operations) acts as an advisor to Senior Management on all aspects of CO management and operations. This includes strategic financial management, efficient procurement and logistical services, ICT and common services consistent with UNDP rules and regulations. The main role is to lead the operations, ensuring smooth functioning of the CO/programmes/ projects operations, consistent services delivery and constant evaluation and readjustment of the operations to take into account changes in the operating environment as and when needed.

The ACD (Operations) leads and guides the Country Office (CO) Operations Team and fosters collaboration within the team, with programme staff and with other UN Agencies and a client-oriented approach. The ACD (Operations) works in close collaboration with programme and project teams in the CO, operations staff in other UN Agencies, UNDP HQs staff and Government officials to successfully deliver operations services.

Duties and Responsibilities

Ensuring strategic direction of operations;
Financial resources management and supervision of the Finance team;
Efficient procurement and logistical services and supervision of the Procurement team;
Information and communication management and supervision of ICT team;
Common services organization and management, establishment of partnerships with other UN Agencies.
As a member of the CO management team, ensures the strategic direction of operations focusing on achievement of the following results:

Full compliance of operations with UN/UNDP rules, regulations and policies, implementation of corporate operational strategies, establishment of management targets (BSC) and monitoring of achievement of results;
Establishment of collaborate arrangements with potential partners, a Client relationship Management system for resource mobilization purposes and appropriate operational partnership arrangements;
CO business processes mapping and establishment of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Finance, Human Resources Management, Procurement, Logistical and ICT services;
Constant monitoring and analysis of the operating environment, timely readjustment of the operations, advice on legal considerations and risk assessment;
Knowledge building and sharing with regards to management and operations in the CO, organization of the operations staff trainings, synthesis of lessons learnt/best practices, and sound contributions to UNDP knowledge networks and communities of practice.

Ensures effective and accurate financial resources management and supervision of the Finance team focusing on achievement of the following results:

Proper planning, expenditure tracking and audit of financial resources, including extra-budgetary income in accordance with UNDP rules and regulations;
Proper management of the contributions management business process and accounting for contributions to ensure that the money due to UNDP is properly identified, consistently and uniformly classified, recorded on a timely basis and received with sufficient supporting documentation;
Performance of Manager Level 2 role in Atlas for voucher and Treasury transactions approvals, bank reconciliation. Approval of pending disbursements as the 'third authority' (cheques, bank transfers, EFT). Approval of bank reconciliations;
Organization of cost-recovery mechanisms for CO services provided to projects and UN Agencies, including ensuring preparation of proforma invoices for UN agencies;
Organization and oversight of CO cash management processes, including liquidity management, recommendation of imprest level, risk assessment, bank relationship management; timely accounting and reconciliation of all transactions, security for cash assets on site;
Monitoring of financial exception reports for unusual activities, transactions and investigation of anomalies or unusual transactions. Provision of information to supervisors and other UNDP staff at HQ of the results of the investigation when satisfactory answers are not obtained;
Member of bank signatory panel;
Transaction and stop payment approval on internet banking system;
All financial transactions are identified, recorded and verified in compliance with IPSAS as outlined in the corporate policies and procedures.
Ensures provision of efficient procurement and logistical services and supervision of the Procurement team focusing on achievement of the following results:

CO compliance with corporate rules and regulations in the field and elaboration of the CO procurement strategies including sourcing strategy, supplier selection and evaluation, quality management, customer relationship management, e-procurement promotion and introduction, performance measurement;
Elaboration of the CO contract strategy including tendering processes and evaluation, managing the contract and contractor, legal implications. Oversight of procurement processes and logistical services in accordance with UNDP rules and regulations, OM acting as Manager Level 2 in Atlas for Purchase orders approvals;
Proper management of UNDP assets, facilities and logistical services, including full compliance with IPSAS in the accounting for the procurement, utilization and disposal of the CO's assets.
Ensures forward-looking information and communication management and supervision of ICT team focusing on achievement of the following results:

Use of Atlas functionality for improved business results and improved client services;
Identification of opportunities and ways of converting business processes into web-based systems to address the issues of efficiency and full accountability;
Maintenance of a secure, reliable infrastructure environment for ICT and adequate planning for disasters and recoveries;
Identification and promotion of different systems and applications for optimal content management, knowledge sharing, information provision and learning including e-registry, web-based office management system, etc.
Ensures proper common services organization and management, establishment of partnerships with other UN Agencies focusing on achievement of the following results:

Establishment of common services, maintenance of coordinating machinery to ensure integrated activities on common services and implementation of the UN reform;
Elaboration of the strategic approach for implementation of common services in line with the latest developments in common services and the best practices;
Proper planning and tracking of common services budget and of Agencies contributions to the common services account.


Master's Degree or equivalent in Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Economics or related field.

Work Experiance

5 years of relevant experience at the national or international level in providing management advisory services and/or managing staff and operational systems and establishing inter-relationships among international organization and national governments. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, experience in handling of web based management systems and ERP systems, preferably PeopleSoft;

Experience of accrual accounting, IPSAS or IFRS is highly desirable


Functional Competencies: Building Partnerships

Level 2: Identifying and building partnerships

Effectively networks with partners seizing opportunities to build alliances;

Identifies needs and interventions for capacity building of counterparts, clients and potential partners;

Displays initiative, sets challenging outputs for him/herself and willingly accepts new work assignments.

Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing

Level 2: Developing tools and mechanisms

Participates in the development of mechanisms, including identifying new approaches to promote individual and organizational learning and knowledge sharing using formal and informal methodologies

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise

Level 2: In-depth knowledge of own discipline

Understands advanced aspects of primary area of specialization as well as the fundamental concepts of related disciplines (financial resources and human resources management, contract, asset and procurement, information and communication technology, general administration)
Continues to seek new and improved methods and systems for accomplishing the work of the unit;

Keeps abreast of new developments in area of professional discipline and job knowledge and seeks to develop him/herself professionally;

Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments;

Continually looking for ways to enhance financial performance in the office
Promoting Organizational Change and Development

Level 2: Assisting the individuals to cope with change

Performs appropriate work analysis and assists in redesign to establish clear standards for implementation

Design And Implementation of Management Systems

Level 2: Designing and implementing management system

Makes recommendations regarding operation of systems within organizational units
Identifies and recommends remedial measures to address problems in systems design or implementation

Client Orientation

Level 2: Contributing to positive outcomes for the client

Anticipates client needs;

Demonstrates understanding of client's perspective;

Solicits feedback on service provision and quality.

Promoting Accountability and Results-Based Management

Level 2: Input to the development of standards and policies

Provides inputs to the development of organizational standards for accountability.
Core Competencies:

Building support and political acumen;

Building staff competence, creating an environment of creativity and innovation;

Building and promoting effective teams;

Creating and promoting enabling environment for open communication;

Creating an emotionally intelligent organization;

Leveraging conflict in the interests of UNDP & setting standards ;

Sharing knowledge across the organization and building a culture of knowledge sharing and learning. Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member;

Fair and transparent decision making; calculated risk-taking.

UNDP Certification programmes Prince2, Procurement, HR, Accounting and Finance


Fluency in the UN and national language of the duty station.

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