Peace and Security Consultant
Peace and Security Consultant

Job description

Organization:UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
Category:Security & Safety
Duration: 6 Months
Deadline: 25-Jan-17


UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

2017 AWP of UN Women Sudan Country Office (Co) focuses on concrete, impactful and scalable initiatives, prioritizing 2 UN Women Strategic Plan Impact areas, namely Impact area 2 (WEE) and 4 (WPS/Humanitarian Response), in response to the prevailing context and opportunities. “EVAW” and “Gender Mainstreaming, Planning and Budgeting” interventions will be mainstreamed under each of the above accordingly. Under the Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness framework the office will focus on coordinating GEWE work within the UN, with government, CSOs, Academia, Private sector, Donors and other stakeholders. The Country Programme also lays emphasis on strategic partnerships and resource mobilization to bridge the resource gap.

Sudan passed through a critical period of transition following the separation of the South in 2011. As conflict erupted in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile due to unresolved issues in the CPA. In addition, conflict in Darfur has been continuing. Peace negotiations and peace building efforts, however, have been on going and advancing at many fronts. Hence, there is a need for urgent action to coordinate and consolidate the on-going peacebuilding and address the gender gaps in these efforts to ensure sustainable peace. Women in post- conflict areas in Sudan have secured many gains in education, and participation in public and political spaces that needs to be extended to women in conflict and rural areas. There is need to promote women’s participation and build their ownership as even in conflict contexts some women demonstrated their agency and activism. The security of women and their role in peacebuilding have been a national priority in Sudan since the last decade. The National Strategy for Women Empowerment in 2007 highlights among other priority areas the peace building, conflict resolution and freedom from violence. The Plan of Actions for Combating Violence against Women, 2006, 2009-2011 and 2012-2016 aim to end violence against women and protect women human rights and ensure their dignity as human beings. The Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) in May, 2011, incorporated in the Interim National Constitution by the 2014 constitutional amendment, in principle, incorporates gender consider­ations within several key provisions. Article 1 of the DDPD calls for the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and includes reference in particular to the needs of women, children and vulnerable groups during early recovery, reconstruction, rehabilitation and education policies and programmes. These national strategies/plans are informed by the UNSCR 1325 and other related resolutions as well as the Beijing Platform of Action 1995 on women in armed conflict. The national guiding documents are buttressed by the African Union Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality (2004) (signed by Sudan 2006) and the Goma Declaration on Eradicating Sexual Violence and Ending Impunity in the Greer Lakes Region, (2008) (ratified by Sudan 2008).

UN Women Sudan Co has identified Peace and Security as one of the key Impact Areas for its AWP 2017. UN Women Sudan has been exerting great effort to promote women’s role and ensure their participation in peace building processes at all levels. Currently, UN Women Sudan is supporting a process that would lead eventually to the endorsement of National Action Plan on 1325 by Government of Sudan.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the Programme Specialist and the overall guidance of the
Country Representative, the Peace and Security Consultant will work in close collaboration
with staff of UN Women-Darfur sub Office and Khartoum to support implementation of
peace building initiatives in Sudan.
The main responsibilities of the Peace and Security Consultant are:

Strategic Position on National Policies and Plans pertaining to peacebuilding processes;

Programme development, management and implementation;

Effective management and accountability of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS)

Creation of strategic partnerships and implementation for timely delivery of results;
Resource mobilization.

Strategic Positioning on National Policies and Plans:

Provide strategic and policy guidance to UN Women interventions in the areas of
responsibility Women, Peace and Security (WPS);

Ensure UN Women substantively contributes to engendering the development and
implementation of national policies and plans relevant to women’s peace and at all levels;

Ensure that UN Women Sudan programming on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) builds
on the overall UN Women’s comparative advantages, adds value to existing UN support,
and strengthens contribution to the attainment of national priorities as well as building the
capacities for the realization of gender equality and women’s human rights;

Support UN Women Sudan and provide substantial technical support on conflict resolution
and peace building intervention planning and implementation, including proposal
development and technical guidance;
Work with other UN Women Sudan programmes to ensure linkages between the WPS and
provide update information on the situational analyses and intervention planning, and to
ensure timely monitoring, evaluation and documentation of interventions;

Support rapid, multi-stakeholder assessments and field visits for the identification of
appropriate interventions by the UN Women Sudan and its partners;

Provide technical review and support to UN WOMEN partner activity development and

Ensure effective UN Women coordination and communication with relevant State Government Ministry, UN/INGO/LNGO, civil society and other key stakeholders;

Inform UN Women Sudan- Programme Specialist as appropriate on area of responsibility,
as well as represent UN Women Sudan in forums relevant to the thematic area.

Programme Development, Management and Implementation:

Thorough analysis and research of the political, social and economic situation in the country of women's participation in conflict prevention, and preparation of substantive
inputs to Country Strategy and other documents including inter-agency UN assessments

and plans and UNDAF;
Domestication of the global indicators to be able to develop baselines and tracking the

Strengthen the coordination within the UN agencies to support WPS agenda and
humanitarian work;
Support women’s groups to advocate for realization of the SG seven commitments agenda
on peace building at the national level;

Addressing cross- borders issues in the post separation phase;

Ensures effective management and implementation of the UN Women supported
programme activities within the thematic/sectoral areas assigned, focusing on quality
control from design to implementation, paying attention to the effective application of RBM
and the UN Women assessment tools, establishment of management targets and
monitoring the achievement of results.

Effective management and accountability of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS)

Develop results oriented work plans, undertake effective monitoring and supervision and
providing technical assistance to their implementation and reporting on the project activities;

Analyse reports from partners for quality control, undertake field missions, analysing key
events and changes in context and provide substantive and appropriate advice and briefs
and support, sharing experiences/reflections sessions of good practices, and
dissemination of lessons learned;

In collaboration with the M&E Programme Specialist, undertake financial and substantive
monitoring and evaluation of the projects, identification of operational and financial
problems and development of solutions;

Organize training required for activities within the thematic areas and related work on
gender indicators and gender statistics.

Creation of strategic partnerships and implementation for timely delivery of the results:

Contribute to the development and strengthening of networks and forge partners at
national, state, county and community levels, with government, key women’s
organizations, UN agencies and bi-lateral development partner organisations to ensure
optimal collective knowledge of gender equality and women’s rights issues;

Development of partnerships with the UN Agencies, relevant government institutions, private sector, and civil society, particularly women's organizations at community and state
and federal levels for securing gender equality and women's peace and security based on
strategic goals of UN Women Annual Work plan for 2017, particularly the goal of women’s
peace and security, and emerging priorities in the country as approved through UNDAF;

Analysis and research of information on donors, preparation of substantive briefs on
possible areas of cooperation, identification of opportunities for initiation of new projects,
active contribution to the overall office effort in resource mobilization.


Advanced university degree (Master Degree) in gender studies, humanitarian, human rights, law, political science, social sciences, conflict resolution and peace building or a related field.

Work Experiance

At least 5 years’ experience in development work with specific emphasis on women’s
equality focusing on women’s peace and security, especially in conflict and post conflict
reconstruction, women in peace building;

Demonstrated hands-on experience in development, monitoring the implementation and
the evaluation of development projects and resource mobilization;

Recognized experience in the field of gender and development;

Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, experience in
handling of web based management systems;

Demonstrated hands-on experience in development, monitoring the implementation and
the evaluation of development projects and capacity building.


Core Values/Guiding Principles:


Demonstrate consistency in upholding and promoting the values of UN Women in actions
and decisions, in line with the UN Code of Conduct.


Demonstrate professional competence and expert knowledge of the pertinent substantive
areas of work.

Cultural sensitivity and valuing diversity:

Demonstrate an appreciation of the multicultural nature of the organization and the
diversity of its staff;

Demonstrate an international outlook, appreciating difference in values and learning from
cultural diversity.

Core Competencies:

Ethics and Values:

Demonstrate and safeguard ethics and integrity.

Organizational Awareness:

Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment.
Development and Innovation:

Take charge of self-development and take initiative.

Work in teams:

Demonstrate ability to work in a multicultural, multi ethnic environment and to maintain effective working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.

Communicating and Information Sharing:

Facilitate and encourage open communication and strive for effective communication.

Self-management and Emotional Intelligence:

Stay composed and positive even in difficult moments, handle tense situations with
diplomacy and tact, and have a consistent behaviour towards others.

Conflict Management:

Surface conflicts and address them proactively acknowledging different feelings and views
and directing energy towards a mutually acceptable solution.

Continuous Learning and Knowledge Sharing:

Encourage learning and sharing of knowledge.

Appropriate and Transparent Decision Making:

Demonstrate informed and transparent decision making.

Functional Competencies:

Demonstrates integrity and fairness by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards,
shows commitment to UN Women’s mission, vision, values and strategic goals of UN
Women’s and displays cultural, gender, religion, race, and age sensitivity and adaptability;

Ability to establish and maintain strategic partnerships with government institutions,
donors, civil society partners and other UN agencies. Has proven expertise in resource
mobilization and strong negotiation skills;

Excellent personal and professional communication and presentation skills abilities; Has
the ability to establish priorities and to plan, coordinate and monitor the progress of the
projects and activities within the area of responsibility and achieve planned results;

Strong teamwork spirit and interpersonal skills demonstrated by the ability to gain the
assistance and cooperation of others in a team endeavour; ability to build trust through
operating with transparency and creating an open, positive and enabling environment;

Ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for

Sound judgment and decision-making skills, with the ability to make effective timely

Results based programme development and management;
Ability to work under minimal supervision and be proactive and initiative;

Has the ability to establish priorities and to plan, coordinate and monitor the progress of
the projects and activities within the area of responsibility and achieve planned results;

Sound judgment and decision-making skills, with the ability to make effective timely
decisions; Ability to lead effectively, mentoring as well as conflict resolution skills;

Generate new ideas and approaches for communication and visibility of UN Women.


Excellent skills in written and spoken English and Arabic.

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